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ALFA Industrial Group incorporates eco production facilities to provide agricultural commodities (corn, barley, soya, sunflower oil, wheat and wheat flour), canned food, cardboard and tissue products. Our trade devision delivers them globally just on time!

Our brands

We started our journey in 1996 with brand "Green Ray" and for many years it has been one of the market leaders in canned food. Later on in 2002 our expantion to Ukrainian market was flaged under "Lan Bukovina" TM. From 2005 our Cardboard and Paper facilitiy started operation under BS Paper brand.

Green Ray

TEHADA is the first plant in Russia that was built in a clean field with a total sown area of more than 7 thousand hectares. The plant is equipped with modern equipment and staffed with qualified personnel, which allows production of more than 80 million cans of canned food per year. The factory is one of the three largest producers of canned foods in Russia, according to a study by MResearch.

Lan Bukovina

This brand covers more than 40 types of canned food items. The company produces a wide range of animal feeds as well. The production facility is located in Novoselytsia, Chernivetska obl., Ukraine. Technological part of the production process is developed on the basis of requirements, norms of technological design of meat processing enterprises for food safety management ISO 22000: 2007

BS Paper

Cardboard production of coated and uncoated packaging cardboard, container board, including corrugated paper.


Years of experience


Production Units

350000 MT

Grain supplied per annum

100 000 000

Cans produced per annum


Total products are available for order on quota basis. Our company accepts orders on FCA, FOB and DAP delivery conditions based on Incoterms 2010. Private label considered as well.

The team

Based on the specified inquiries your requests can be placed to relevant manager

Alexiy Dovbush

Canned Food Manager

Timofiy Browin

Agriculture Products Manager

Alexandra Vovk

Paper and Cardboard Manager

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Office: Ukraine, Chernivtsi region, Novoselitsa, st. Central 93